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What Are the Five Stages of the Laundry Process?

25 Apr 2023

If, like many people, you find laundry to be an exhausting chore, maybe it’s time to lighten the load and let the laundry superheroes at Mopheads, an experienced domestic laundry service based in Birmingham, do your dirty work.

At Mopheads, we perform the five essential steps of the laundry procedure on your garments so you don’t have to worry about them. Not only will you recoup some of your precious free time, but your clothes will also get a deeper clean and smell better than ever. We’ll even pick up your garments right at your door and return them to you freshly laundered.

But have you ever given much thought to how your clothing is washed? When you use our home laundry services, your items will all go through these five important steps to ensure they’re clean, fresh and as good as new, every time.

Stage 1 – Sorting

Sorting your clothing by colour and fabric type is crucial before washing. Sorting your clothes will ensure that they come out of the washer looking beautiful and that the colours won’t bleed. It’s one of the many things that the Mopheads on our domestic laundry service team do as second nature, every time a new load comes into the laundry.

Stage 2 – Pre-treatment

Pre-treating any difficult stains on your garments is the next important step. To do this, we apply a stain remover or pre-treating solution to the stain and let it sit for a little while. At Mopheads, we know all the best tips and techniques to get rid of even the most difficult stains.

Stage 3 – Washing

The washing process involves adding detergent to the washing machine and choosing the most appropriate cycle. During this stage, we always ensure we set the water temperature to match the fabric type of your clothes. A home laundry service like Mopheads uses high-quality detergents and washers to clean your clothes, leaving them looking and smelling fresher than ever.

Stage 4 – Drying

Once your clothes are washed, you need to dry them. As a respected and knowledgeable home laundry service, will always use high-quality dryers to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about line-drying or waiting around for your clothes to dry naturally. At Mopheads, we put extra care into drying your clothes to ensure they don’t shrink or fade during the drying stage. And don’t worry if you have garments that aren’t able to be tumble dried, we offer a line drying service too. It may take a little longer to dry your clothes naturally, but keeping your clothes looking their best is always our priority.

Stage 5 – Folding and Ironing

Finally, once your clothes are completely dry, they must be folded or ironed. We know many find this a tedious task that can take hours to complete. The good news is that a domestic laundry service like Mopheads can do this for you! We always ensure your clothes are crisp, clean and ready to wear, so let us take care of all your ironing needs as well as your laundry. However, if you prefer to tackle the ironing yourself, you can find our genius tips here.

Domestic Laundry Services from Mopheads

We understand that mastering the five stages of the laundry process is essential for keeping your clothes clean and fresh. Understanding each stage and using the proper techniques and products ensures that our laundry routine is efficient and effective, and your clothes always come out perfectly.

Would you like to give our domestic laundry service a try and benefit from extra free time and our decades of experience? Simply contact us to set up your first pickup and experience the Mopheads difference for yourself.

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