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7 Genius Tips for Cutting Your Ironing in Half

12 Dec 2022

Ironing is reportedly Britain’s least favourite household job, with 50% of residents stating that they dislike doing it, and only 16% of residents saying that they do. Despite such attitudes, there are many benefits to be gained from ironing, whether it be for killing germs, unshrinking, and protecting your clothing, removing bad smells, or improving how your personal image is received by others. Perhaps this is the reason why ironing continues to be so prevalent, despite the lack of people wanting to do it.

There are varying degrees of habits throughout the UK, with some ironing next-to-nothing, and others ironing everything, from kitchen towels to underwear on a sock-by-sock basis. Most of us don’t iron because we don’t have the time, or simply can’t be bothered. In any case, ironing is still a huge part of our culture and society at large. The purpose of this blog is to provide tips that reduce the effort and time taken to iron, so that you may receive the many benefits of doing so, without having to exert as much unwanted energy.

7 Genius Tips for Cutting Your Ironing in Half:

Choose your clothes carefully

Improving your ironing process does not have to be solely based on the ironing process itself, but from the point you actually purchase your clothes. Why not choose items that are easier to look after and maintain? Opting for fabrics such as wool, polyester, and knits that don’t crease easily is one way to better optimise your clothing for reduced ironing times. Choosing clothes that avoid gathers, many layers, or delicate fabrics is another way to better optimise your ironing habits, as they are all incredibly time consuming to iron.

Wash wisely

Another important aspect of laundry services that are often overlooked, is the washing of the clothes themselves. When setting the washing machine cycle, we’re often taught to use the highest possible spin speed for quicker drying. However, this actually has the adverse effect on ironing, which is why reducing your spin speed is better advised. A lower spin speed will stop your laundry from getting over-creased.

It is best practice to avoid overloading the washing machine also, as your clothes will have more room to move freely, reducing the amount of creasing caused. Remember to finish it all off by removing and shaking all of your washing out as soon as the laundry cycle finishes, to maximise your washing cycle, ready for your ironing.  

Savvy drying

Drying laundry outside is not always a possibility, but make sure to make the most of the sunny weather when you can, pegging from the bottom of the item, so that the creases may drop out naturally. When drying on an airer, consider how bet to reduce the time spent on ironing, bu positioning your clothes on the rack to lay as flat as possible. 

Tumble drying tricks

An incredible hack to half your ironing time, is to lightly spritz water on the creases of your clothes, before you put them into your tumble dryer. After only a few minutes, your clothes will be warm, cozy and crease-free.

Another highly acclaimed method, is to put an ice cube in the tumble dryer with your washing, as the heat will thaw the ice, and create steam, which will effectively de-crease your clothes. Remember to never leave dry laundry in the drum for too long, as this will add more creases than there were before. 

Invest in your iron

Using a rickety, old iron, is a false economy. This will only add further struggle to your ironing process. Although it may appear counter-intuitive to invest in something for a tool you hate, a good iron, is an investment that will make your ironing much quicker and easier.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a new iron right now, try to iron your clothes while they’re still slightly damp, as this will improve your iron’s performance, even if it is ineffective.

Clean your iron

Depending on your region, the water you use to fill your iron, may incur a buildup of limescale, which can prevent your iron from working properly, or could even begin to make it leak much and sediment onto your freshly washed clothes! To avoid this, make sure that you regularly clean your iron. Many steam irons now have some form of self-cleaning, read your manufacturer’s manual to find out how regularly to use these.

Alternatively, pour in equal parts white vinegar and water into the iron’s chamber – until it’s a third full. Make sure to switch on medium heat and let the iron steam for about 5 – 10 minutes until the vinegar has evaporated. Following this, fill the reservoir with fresh water, and once again switch on the iron to flush out any leftover deposits and vinegar. Wipe the base of the iron and steam vents with a paper towel, and you should be more than good to go!

Consider some professional help

If you’ve tried all the ironing tricks in the world, and still despise the thought of it, or just can’t seem to get good at it, then maybe it’s best to invest in some help. A cleaner home is a cleaner mind, after all. So, why not designate a portion of your weekly household budget to domestic laundry services? They are sure to provide an excellent, high-quality service, whilst also allowing you to free up your headspace, schedule, and ironing basket, all at the same time!

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