Terms and Conditions

It is our prime responsibility to provide a cleaning service, therefore if the person who normally cleans for you is not available then we will send a suitable replacement.
If you are at work when we call, just leave a note with any special requests or comments for that day. Likewise your cleaner will leave a note should you be running low on cleaning materials etc. We are not insured for the use of bleach, and any damage to carpets etc. that it may do. PLEASE NOTE that if you insist on the use of bleach, we are NOT LIABLE for any damage should there be a spillage or any other mishap.
Our staff are not allowed to lift or move heavy or awkward items of furniture for two reasons :-
1. Health and Safety
2. Damage to property
If you want something cleaned behind, you will have to arrange for that item to be moved out and replaced after we have finished.
We cannot accept any liability for damage if you insist on a member of staff moving furniture.
Under the very stringent conditions laid down by our insurers our staff are not allowed to perform any outside tasks or to climb ladders more than three steps high.
As a general rule we do not undertake oven cleaning unless by a specific arrangement. We will wipe over the hob and shelves as part of cleaning the kitchen, but modern ovens can be very complex and require expert care. We are happy to recommend a specialist cleaner.
We would respectfully point out that any ornaments, collectibles etc. will be cleaned at your own risk. Our insurance policy is a commercial one and does not cover individual breakages of that nature and we are not liable for these. If you have anything you would prefer us not to clean would you please inform us before work is commenced. Our staff are instructed to report any breakages or other incidents on collection from site.
If you have any reason for complaint, please ring us as soon as possible on 0121 605 2322 only. If for any reason you are not happy with the work done, please do not fester, ring us and tell us about it. We always take messages off the answer phone and someone will get back to you.
We require a minimum of 2 weeks written notice giving dates for holidays.
We reserve the right to charge for late cancellation.
We also require a minimum of 2 weeks notice in writing of termination.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque bacs transfer or credit/debit card on the day.