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Do People Notice Creased Clothes?

03 Feb 2023

In short, yes, they do. But modern life can be fast-paced and occasionally overwhelming. When looking to achieve a good work-life balance and avoid burnout, it’s easy to start looking at everyday tasks and chores and cutting out any that don’t feel absolutely necessary. We all like to keep our homes clean and tidy, wash our clothes and keep the garden looking nice. But a big pile of ironing can sometimes be one chore too many.

Of course, some people find ironing to be a relaxing and therapeutic task and use the time to listen to music and podcasts, catch up on television shows or chat with friends on the phone. But there’s no doubt that a lot of people view ironing as a tedious and, increasingly, unnecessary chore.

And that’s where the Mopheads come to the rescue! We offer both 24-hour pick-up and drop-off ironing services and a ‘while you wait’ service for any more pressing items. We use professional top-of-the-range ironing equipment to ensure your clothes and linens always look their best, and you can rest easy knowing that the experts are on the job while you enjoy a little extra time.

Is It Bad to Wear Creased Clothes?

It’s a tough question to answer, especially as opinions on creased clothes do vary quite wildly among individuals. Some think that creased clothes are a sign of carelessness or neglect and give off a negative impression, while others believe that creases add character and texture to an outfit and can create an intentional, fashion-forward look.

Some are indifferent to creased clothes, seeing them simply as a natural result of wearing and washing clothes, or that creases are acceptable in casual attire, but not in formal or business wear. Opinions on creased clothes also vary depending on personal taste, generational differences and situational context.

So, Do I Need to Iron My Clothes?

Deciding not to iron your clothes may have more of an effect on your garments than you might think. Here are five great reasons that clothes should be ironed:

  1. Ironing removes wrinkles and creases, leaving them looking neat, tidy, and presentable. Ironed clothes are more comfortable to wear than wrinkled ones.
  2. Ironing improves the overall appearance of clothes and can help the wearer feel fresher and more confident. Ironing clothes to their original shape can improve their fit.
  3. Ironing makes clothes look neat and professional, which can be important in adhering to workplace standards.
  4. Ironing can help extend the life of clothes by preventing excessive wear and tear, and maintaining the shape of the garment, preventing it from becoming misshapen or stretched over time.
  5. Ironing also helps to kill odours, bacteria and germs while freshening the fabric too, leading to a longer life for the clothing.

It’s all about putting a value on the time it takes to get your ironing done, as often it makes more sense to use a professional company like Mopheads instead, freeing up valuable time for you to spend doing things that you enjoy. Read more here about the importance of ironing your clothes.

Ironing Services in the Midlands

If the importance of ironing is obvious to you, but you really dislike the task or struggle to find the time, Mopheads can take your ironing woes away and give you back time.

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