The Importance of Ironing your Clothes

05 Dec 2022

Ironing clothes is a time-tested and tradition that goes back centuries. If you want to make your clothes look presentable, there’s no better way than ironing them. Ironing can help with many different things, from smoothing out wrinkles on shirts and jackets to reviving old garments you thought were beyond rescue. Not only does ironing make you look presentable but it makes you feel great, too. Indeed, there are many benefits to ironing your garments, many of which are highlighted in this blog.

Looking Professional

When applying for a job, it’s not just about what you wear – it’s about how you wear it. Dressing well and having crease-free clothing demonstrates professionalism and shows that you take care of yourself, which can help you progress further in your interview. Crease-free clothing is also an indication that you take pride in your appearance and care enough to ensure the best possible quality of work.

When applying for a job or appearing before someone higher up on the corporate ladder, you should always ensure your clothes are well ironed. Not only does it show respect but it earns you more respect as well, which may lead to further opportunities or being granted permission to pursue the next level!

Even if you apply for a job where you are overqualified but arrive in clothes that need ironing, you are likely to make a bad impression. The interviewer only has a couple of minutes to determine whether you will be good for the team, so turning up to the interview in clothes that need ironing will not help your case.

Ironing your Clothes Kill Germs

Ironing is the best way to keep your clothes in top shape. Steam ironing specifically kills germs and spores, leaving fabrics cleaner than ever before.

Allow me to elaborate. Its common knowledge that washing your clothes gets rid of germs. However, some germs are resistant and can continue to live on your clothes, even after being washed in hot temperatures. Thermophilic bacteria and fungi are examples of just some of the unwanted nasties that can survive, with warmer conditions actually helping them to grow.

In addition, if you leave your laundry outside to dry naturally, then other types of bacteria and bugs can get stuck on it. The saftest way to prohibit the growth of bacteria is to iron your clothes, because the heat and steam from the iron will eliminate the germs once and for all.

Ironing Prevents Clothes from Shrinking

We all know that after you wash your clothes, they can sometimes shrink. In order to avoid the unfortunate loss of a favourite jumper or hoodie as a result of it shrinking too much and turning into something so tiny no one could wear it, it’s always best to read the labels before putting anything into the washing machine. It can be difficult to salvage shrunken items, however, ironing can help, especially if you know what you’re doing.

If you are unsure how to do it or feel like the thousands of YouTube videos out there are just overcomplicating matters and making you feel even more confused, it’s better to go to a professional ironing service like Mopheads.

Ironing your Clothes Makes Them Last Longer

Steam ironing clothes helps fabrics soften and return to their original state. Some fabrics stretch over time but ironing your clothes will help them to maintain their original state, making them last longer.

If we’ve convinced you of the benefits of ironing your clothes but you’re not quite ready to pick up the iron yourself, just give us a call. Ironing is one of the UK’s least favourite chores but with our affordable prices and speedy delivery service, it no longer has to be a source of stress. Sit back, relax and let Mopheads take care of your ironing so you can let off some steam!

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