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When is the Best Time to do Laundry in the Summer?

19 Jun 2023

I know, summer’s here, so laundry is probably the last thing you want to be doing – or even thinking about. However, with the onset of warmer days, you might be washing a little more than you used to. If you want to avoid piling up your basket, this blog will give you a couple of tips on when exactly the best time is to tackle your summer loads. Or you might be looking for some washing and ironing services, don’t worry we can help you with that too.  

Plan Ahead 

First things first: plan, plan, plan! The benefit of the sunny months is that you can dry your clothes outside as opposed to using a tumble dryer. Just pop your clothes on a washing line or a drying rack and let the sun’s natural rays do their thing. These are relatively inexpensive and with the reduction in your energy usage, your pockets will certainly be thanking you in the long run. 

Here are a few things to consider when drying your clothes outside: 

  • Drying outside is perfect for your white items. UV radiation from the sun can brighten them, giving them a fresher look.   
  • This however has the opposite effect on coloured clothes. Be careful when placing such items directly in the sun as this can fade them over time. Try turning them inside out or placing them in your shady areas. For those who have rotary washing lines, try rotating them every so often to minimise direct contact. 
  • Sunlight is also beneficial for killing bacteria and odours that might be lingering in your clothes, making summer the perfect time to wash and dry your clothes. 
  • Allergy season. Be careful of pollen or other allergens that could potentially find their way into your clothing. These can trigger reactions when worn later.  
  • Summer is a great chance to wash those items that are less frequently washed or quite thick. Things like duvets, pillows, quilts and animal bedding will all dry quicker in the warm weather.  

Here at Mopheads we understand that life can be busy and it’s not always easy to plan ahead of time. Or maybe, you’re coming back from holiday with a suitcase full of dirty washing you can’t tackle alone. Why don’t you consider our professional laundry services and let us lighten your load? If you’re based in Birmingham or surrounding areas and searching for ‘Laundry services near me’ then look no further. Our team at Mopheads are on hand with our mobile washing and ironing services. Did we mention we also offer a 24-hour service? We’ll have it collected, washed and returned to you, all within 24 hours. The perfect option for any urgent items you need washing.  

Avoid Peak Hours 

Speaking of saving some money, by avoiding peak energy hours those on time-of-use tariffs can cut down on energy costs. If you have an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff, washing your laundry either in the late evening or early morning is your best bet. Times can range anywhere between 10 pm to 8 am so double check with your energy provider as this may differ across plans.  

Laundry and Ironing Services with Mopheads 

Fancy a helping hand with your summer laundry loads? Our dedicated team at Mopheads offer both domestic and commercial laundry services. Whilst you sit back and soak up the sun, we’ll pick up your items and have them back to you spic and span.  

Fancy giving our laundry services a spin, call us on 0121 605 2322, or contact us through our online form.  

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