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5 Reasons to Hang Your Clothes Outside to Dry 

05 Jun 2024

Sunshine has decided to make its scheduled appearance in the UK and while many are ready to burst out the doors and make the most of this, it’s important not to pass up on other opportunities presented by the seasonal change.

For example, using the sun’s heat as part of your personal home laundry service can work as an alternative to traditional methods of drying your clothes. There are many advantages to drying your clothes outside and while that’s happening you can go out on a bike ride or visit your favourite park.

Save Money

You may not think about the electricity a tumble dryer uses but those utility bills add up quicker than we’d like. You also have to consider energy usage tariffs, meaning you have to be strategic in planning when you use your electricity. Hanging your clothes outside will not only save you money but a headache in the process. We understand this opportunity may not be available to everybody, so we do offer a home laundry service that includes outside air drying, removing the hassle of doing it yourself.

Clothing Longevity

If you know anything about dryers, the wrong setting can turn your medium into a small. The quality of your clothes can also be slightly diminished if they’re in there for too long, as there’s just a natural wear and tear associated with sensitive fabrics.

If you’re not able to have your clothes dried outside, then you may want to consult expert laundry services. Mopheads does provide outside drying, along with our commercial laundry services. Hotels, restaurants, gyms and various other businesses can benefit from our commercial cleaning services, assuring they receive the utmost care and attention to their fabrics.

Carbon Footprint

We’re all looking to minimise our carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable practices. A significant way to help achieve this is through the reduction of carbon emissions. When you opt for outdoor drying as opposed to a tumble dryer, you’re producing no emissions whilst contributing to eco-friendly habits.

Energy Savings

Drying your clothes outside not only saves you money but also saves on the use of electricity. This in turn prolongs the lifespan of your appliances by decreasing its usage. Furthermore, it lowers demand on the power grid as outdoor drying requires no power.

Brighter Whites

Not the first thing that comes to mind, but drying your clothes outside, especially your whites, can benefit from the UV radiation to brighten their appearance. This works as a great alternative to harmful bleaches that can cause fading over time. Your whites can benefit from a fresher look without any extra product.

Reach Out to Us

At Mopheads, we recognise not everybody has the time in their busy life to dry their clothes outside, therefore we offer home and commercial laundry services. Our expert team provides quick and professional washing, with convenient delivery right to your doorstep. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from our efficient laundry solutions to save time, effort and stress.

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