Ironing Tips from the Professionals

13 Jun 2023

So, you want to iron like a professional? I know ironing often has a pretty bad rep, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging and time consuming as it’s made out to be. Ironing should be an essential step in your laundry process for many reasons. Not only does it keep you looking tidy and professional, but it also increases the longevity of your clothes. As providers of domestic ironing services, here are our tried and tested tips to take your ironing skills up a couple of levels. Get ready to sit back and watch those pesky wrinkles disappear in no time.  

  1. Steam Iron 

Investing in the correct equipment is the first step to levelling up your ironing game. Steam irons not only give you a faster ironing time but the steam tackles those stubborn wrinkles and softens them right up. They’re also less likely to damage your items than a dry iron. As a bonus, they both sanitise your clothes as well – by killing bacteria and odours.  

  1. Organise 

You’ll want to sort your clothes according to both their material type and the temperature setting. A low heat is best for delicate materials like silk or synthetic fabrics, whereas cotton can withstand those higher temperatures. Watch out for those dots on the fabric label that tell you the heat level for your clothes. Taking the extra time to organise your items might seem a little time consuming, but you’ll clothes will thank you in the long run.  

  1. Clean your iron  

A clean iron is a happy iron. Irons should be regularly cleaned to keep them in perfect working order. Cleaning also avoids a build-up of limescale which can damage both the iron itself and your clothes. Stains are nobody’s best friend, so just like organising your clothes, taking that extra bit of time to thoroughly clean the plate will keep them mark free and fresher for longer.  

  1. Inside Out 

Have you ever considered ironing your clothes inside out? This is a handy trick to use with delicate items or prints. Printed clothing shouldn’t be directly ironed over as this can potentially damage the design. 

  1. Attention to the Details 

Pay attention to the little details when ironing your clothes. Things like shirt collars and cuffs are easily missed in most people’s ironing regimes. As two of the most visible aspects of a shirt, beginning with both these areas will give you a professional look every time. We know this can be a little pesky, so if tackling your best shirt seems daunting, our clothes ironing service is happy to help. 

  1. Hang/ Fold straight away 

Nobody wants all their hard ‘ironed’ effort gone to waste. Keep your clothes looking fresher for longer by hanging them up straight away. This will prevent any immediate creases and re-wrinkling of your items. 

  1. Test Run 

If in doubt – why not test a small patch in a hidden area? This will ensure the heat being used is suitable whilst preventing any damage to the fabric. This can be done in several discrete places from the inside seams, hemlines, inner waistbands and even the inside pocket.  

After utilising these tips your friends and family will certainly be requesting your ironing services. For more suggestions why not check out our other blog ‘7 Genius Tips for Cutting Your Ironing in Half’?   

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