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Ironing Clothing- Let’s get started!

15 May 2024

Ironing, as we all know, makes your clothes look and feel better, but did you know if done correctly ironing can contribute to the longevity of your items!
It helps by reducing the formation of wrinkles that can lead to permanent fabric damage.

One of the primary benefits of ironing is to smooth out the creases and restore the fabrics, by relaxing the fibres using an iron, it restores the items to their natural appearance.

So let’s get the basics right…

Here at Mopheads we offer professional Ironing services, so let us share our tips and knowledge with you, we want to help you make your clothes look great!

1.Prepare Your Iron – Set up your ironing board, ensure it is placed on a flat, sturdy surface, where it is not going to wobble or tip over. It should be at a comfortable height, to avoid bending down or leaning over. Next make sure your iron surface is clean and (if your iron has a steam function) fill your iron with water.

2.Temperature – Always check the labels, ensure you are using the correct heat setting for the fabric you are ironing:

Low/Cool Setting: Use this setting for fabrics such as nylon, Polyester, and other delicate fabrics.

Medium/Warm Setting: This is suitable for fabrics such as Satin, silk, and wool.

High/Hot Setting: More suitable for sturdy items such as denim, cotton, and linen.

3.Start Ironing– Make sure your iron is turned on and set to the right temperature and let’s begin!
Lay your garment out flat on the board, we suggest turning delicate items inside out to prevent any marks.
Gently press the iron over your item in a back and forward motion, going over the creases, until you achieve the desired , smooth finish!

4.Steam – If your iron has a steam option-use it! It can help to get stubborn creases out, by holding it just above the fabric, and pressing the steam button, this will penetrate the fabric deeper and release the crease!

5.Hang Up or Fold– Hang each of your crease free items up if they are going in the wardrobe or fold them neatly if they are being put away in the drawer.

Professional Ironing Services

We understand that time is one of our most valuable assets, it can be challenging fitting in busy schedules, careers and family responsibilities let alone keeping on top of the house work, so why not let Mopheads take care of the ironing and/or housework for you! It is one less thing to worry about!

We offer professional ironing services with FREE collection and delivery options available; we also offer a “while you wait” service for those more pressing items!

Check out our cleaning page also to see how we can free up more of your precious time!

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