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How Often Should You Wash Your Towels

20 Apr 2023

We use a wide variety of towels for many different uses, which will all need washing at some point in time. But some towels will get dirtier before others do – meaning bacteria will begin to grow – which will not only produce unpleasant odours but will also be a danger to your health. Here at Mopheads, we are a force of nature when it comes to cleaning, ironing and all things laundry, and understand the importance of washing your towels, as well as your other clothing regularly.

In this blog, we will discuss just how important it is to wash your towels and how often it is required.

The many types of towels

Depending on the type of towel that you are using, will often determine how often it should be cleaned. As previously mentioned, there are a wide array of towels that we use in everyday life. Some of the most common types of towels include:

  • Bath towels: These are large and thick and used to dry off after bathing or showering.
  • Hand towels: These are much smaller towels, used for drying your hands after washing them.
  • Kitchen towels: These are a thinner type that is used to dry dishes, wipe counters or clean up spills.
  • Beach towels: Used to dry off or lie on at the beach after going for a swim.
  • Sports towels: These are lightweight and are designed to absorb sweat and moisture during sports and workouts.
  • Washcloths: These are a very small type of towel – for the purpose of washing your face, hands or body.

As we can see, many of these towels are designed to dry and clean parts of our bodies, including our faces. We know that bacteria can attach themselves to several parts of our body, such as our hands, and if we don’t wash our hands regularly, that bacteria will spread to the towels when we pick them up and use them. Unfortunately, even small amounts of bacteria spreading are an inevitability, but regularly washing towels will minimise the risk they pose in the long term.

When should you wash your towels?

Let’s take the first type of towel – the bath towel – and discuss how often it should be washed. We recommend washing your bath towel every three to four days, otherwise, you will be transferring dead skin cells and other bacteria that are developing onto the towel and onto your skin. You may think you are sparkling clean as you dry off, but all that moisture from your bath or shower is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

We suggest that washing hand towels at the same frequency is a good rule of thumb. Bacteria can still develop after you’ve washed your hands using soap, with steam and moisture building up after you’ve had a hot shower.

Kitchen towels are a different kettle of fish. You should always avoid using the same towel for drying plates and cutlery, than you do for wiping up spills and drying your hands. Wiping food bacteria that could be from raw foods, such as chicken, could lead to serious health problems if they are spread when drying your kitchen appliances. That is why the towels you use to dry appliances should be washed every three to four days, whereas the towels that are used to clean up spillages and wipe surface areas should be washed after every use.

Sports towels are another example that should be washed more frequently and should really be washed after every use. Your sports towels that you take to the gym or use after you go for a jog, will be covered in sweat. After wiping your sweaty brow you’ll typically throw them back in a bag which will cause even more germs and bacteria to fester. The last thing you’ll want is to grab your towel after your next workout to be hit with a nasty odour and worse, wipe your face with a few days’ worth of germ build up.

Tired of all that laundry? Choose Mopheads instead

Towels of all kinds need to be washed regularly in order for you to stay clean and healthy – and of course, avoid bad smells. Always think about what you’re cleaning with your towels and how the amount of moisture they are exposed to, increases the risk of bacteria build up.

Laundry doesn’t have to be a pain – even when you must regularly clean your towels every three or four days. Choose Mopheads as the best laundry service in the UK for all your cleaning needs, from towels to every piece of clothing you can think of. Get in touch with us so we can handle the torment of laundry day, as well as our ironing and other cleaning services.

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