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Christmas Cleaning Tips from Mopheads

07 Nov 2023

Christmas is just around the corner and here at Mopheads, we are going to give you all the best cleaning tips and tricks that are going to make this Christmas a breeze. School holidays are hard enough, let alone with the added excitement of Christmas and all the clutter it brings. Don’t stress, with our Christmas cleaning tips your home will definitely sparkle this festive season.

Check the house from top to bottom

The best place to start is walking through your house and making notes of where your decorations are going to go, that way you can determine the areas where you need to make extra room or have a reshuffle to make everything fit perfectly. There is no point in guessing what you need to do, sitting down on your own or with help from a friend or a family member and creating a list of everything you need to achieve will help make the process easier. It is also important to remember that even though Christmas is only one day, if you spread your tasks over the coming weeks, it will make your festive season much less stressful.


Okay, now is the time to be brutal. Let’s face it, you’re only going to end up with more clutter as soon as December 25th hits. The kids will have dozens of new toys to add to their already growing piles and the toiletry gift sets will be taking up even more room in the bathroom. Starting to organise every room in the house is the best place to start. Anything you don’t need, it’s time to get rid of to make room for anything you may be gifted this Christmas and make sure all items in the house are returned to their original places. Doing this early will give you time to make space to decorate your home to the nines ready for Mr. Claus to pay you a visit and start the New Year in the best way possible.

Cleaning the floors

We know it’s winter and your floors probably aren’t up to scratch, but this is something you’re going to need to tackle. If you have family and friends coming over, or you’re thinking about those cherished photos of the kids opening their presents on Christmas morning then you don’t want everyone noticing your dirty floors. At Mopheads, part of our cleaning services can take away the hassle of hoovering and the monotony of mopping. If these tasks are something you can’t stand, then don’t stress because we can definitely help you!

Disinfect work surfaces

Unfortunately, winter is cold and flu season, and during the festive period your worktops get used for almost everything and the last thing we need is spreading illness because of dirty worktops. Whether that’s prepping your raw turkey for the big day that could leave germs and bacteria around or wrapping your Christmas presents for the whole family, it is important to give your countertops a good clean and keep them clean throughout the season.

Try not to forget that chairs, shelves and other surfaces within your house can also build up dust and bacteria. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, using the correct disinfectant or just water to provide your home with a gleaming finish.

The dreaded oven

We don’t know anyone who likes cleaning their oven, it’s not the nicest of chores. However, with the feast that is going to be endured on Christmas Day, it’s really important to do this task, or else you’ll be facing a worse one in January. There are plenty of different detergents you can purchase from the supermarket that will do the job. Although oven cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so for those who don’t even want to attempt this task, we recommend Solihull Oven Clean if you need help!

It’s also crucial to remember to clean your fridge too! It’s going to be full of all the goods, so you’ll want everything to stay fresh and clean ready to enjoy.


Shiny surfaces always need some tender loving care and with the house being full of extra lights, it’s going to be more obvious if a mirror is dirty or your cutlery isn’t up to scratch. Remove those smudges and you are sure to impress your guests with your special Christmas cutlery.

Don’t forget the bathroom

This is a cleaning tip not to miss. You and your guests are going to be using your bathroom so, don’t leave it out. No one wants to go to a wonderful Christmas party and worry about nipping to the loo. Disinfecting surfaces, polishing mirrors and restocking the bathroom with clean towels and toilet rolls will leave you and your guests feeling right at home.

Give us a call

If you are already dreading the stress of Christmas and the thought of tackling all the cleaning jobs is getting you down, then give us a call. The quicker you contact us here at Mopheads, the quicker we can get your home looking spick and span for Christmas. We want to make the festive season as stress-free as possible for all our clients and make every occasion one to remember and for all the right reasons. Contact us today to discuss our cleaning services and find the perfect one for you this Christmas.


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